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A petition to get clear water receives more than 700 digital petitions (Cindy Huang) On Friday, Superintendent George Arlotto told parents in a letter that the flushing has improved water clarity. "I understand fully the aesthetics and palatability issues," he wrote. "In the end, we all want the same thing: the water to run as clear as possible." Arlotto went to all three schools March 10 and tasted the water, he said. "The water was clear, odorless, and tasted good," he said in an email. Lisa Seaman-Crawford, the director of facilities for county schools, said she wants to see six months of clear water to be confident that flushing is the solution to the water discoloration problem. If it doesn't work consistently, school officials will consider other options, such as providing water coolers or replacing pipes, she said. Bodkin Elementary, Chesapeake Bay Middle and Chesapeake High are three of 20 school buildings on well water in county public schools. The water is treated but can vary in color. The rest of the schools are on county or city water systems. The U.S.

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